About Us

The Michigan Association of Veterinary Technicians (MAVT) is committed to the career growth and advancement of veterinary technicians in the State of Michigan. Whether you are a veterinary technician student, a new graduate, or an experienced veterinary technician, we are here for you! There’s never been a better time to become a member. As a veterinary technician, your voice counts! Not only will you help influence the future of our profession, you’ll enjoy these great benefits as well:

  • Strong representation for veterinary technicians in the state of Michigan
  • Increase awareness of the veterinary technician profession
  • Vet Tech Insider, a quarterly e-newsletter
  • Access to high quality continuing education opportunities
  • State-wide networking opportunities to share knowledge
  • Employment opportunities
  • Scholarships for students and LVTs
  • VTNE mock exam, a lunch and study event for graduates



Michigan Association of Veterinary Technicians

5119 Highland Rd

PO Box #290

Waterford, MI 48327